Bass guitar fingering

Something I have recently been working on is fingering. As a bass guitarist I neglect practising my right hand and I know this is something most bass players also do. It came about when I was practicing some bach exercises and started wondering about the best way to play certain passages to get the notes to sing out, sometimes the best sound I could get would be an odd finger pattern which I found difficult so I decided to start from scratch with practicing odd fingering.

Lets just take a C major scale as the exercise (it can be any scale though). What I have been doing is playing this scale 4 semiquavers to each note and using odd fingerings (1 refers to first finger on right hand and 2 refers to second finger)

this is what I naturally want to do (what my mind automatically switches to)

1212 1212 1212 1212 etc

BUT automatic means you are not consciously practicing so try these odd fingerings instead and feel the frustration

1221 1221 1221 1221

2112 2112 2112 2112

AND one last thought, lets change the semiquavers to triplets and do a few fingerings for that

this is my automatic fingering

121 212 121 212 121 212 etc

Here are two alternatives

122 122 122 122