Slowly Rolling Camera live Berlin

Here is a video of us in Berlin, some cheeky shots from the tour as well!


Summer Highlights

It has been a while since I’ve updated this so here are a few words for things coming up.

Duski will perform at Swansea Jazz Festival at the maritime museum. This will a first appearance at a festival so we hope for some exciting things to come. Join us for an exciting programme of original music and some fan favourite ‘modern standards’ 14th June and more details in link below

A new project twins the poetry of claire e potter with new jazz from trombonist Gareth Roberts (along with myself, Mark O Connor and Paul Jones). There will be a number of performances of this including these two confirmed dates 7th June – WMC free stage, Cardiff 5:30pm 1st July – Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Explosive Light Orchestra have a number of shows over the summer that will be a great way to relax in the summers eves 4th June – Blackwood Miners Institute, Caerphilly 27th June- Red House merthyr 11th July – Yardbirds Club, Grimsby 17th July – Borough Theatre, Abergavenny

Slowly Rolling Camera also will be appearing at Boom Town Fair this year on 16th August There are, of course, a number of more local bar style gigs to come and see and will post about them as well. Looks like its going to be a good summer! There is also rumblings about performances at Goa and Kalkota jazz festivals, more TBC

Slowly Rolling Camera new EP Into the Shadows released

SRCs new EP is now available on band camp digitally and limited number of CDs are available

Album Features

Dave Stapleton – Piano, compositions
Dionne Bennett – Vocals, lyrics
Elliott Bennett – Drums
Deri Roberts – Electronics, effects

Stuart McCallum – Guitars
Ben Waghorn – Saxophones
Aidan Thorne – Double bass

DUSKI WALES TOUR – A short write up

October saw me in an unusual role as band leader. I have run bands for the past 7 years but have never taken the step forward to tour. Being a sideman is much easier but the rewards from getting your own musical ideas out there is a beautiful thing so it was a positive endeavour for me.

The first difficulty is the attempt to get dates close together and although the tour was only five dates, I managed to get them in a space of 9 days. The reason for having the gigs back to back, besides constructing a time for the band members to commit to, is to allow us to develop the music and create a better performance each time. Now that the tour is over, I have a lot of goals. We received a lot of praise and requests for the album, which does not yet exist. This brings me onto one of the main goals for setting up a tour, to solidify the set and to record it. After the performances and judging crowds reactions, I now know which compositions I will use. Some tracks need to be replaced for live performances as they were clearly weaker and less exciting for an audience.

We were lucky enough to have one of the performances filmed by an audience member with an HD camera. He got some fantastic shots and wants to put a video together for us as a band. I also enlisted the help of a friend to record the final performance in Cardiff with a field recorder using stereo mics. These two things and the addition of an actual recording will give me enough material to get a video together to promote the band.

The main mission for me as a band leader is to try and break into the wider music scene. One problem on the tour we encountered was the material we played. A few clubs have a nostalgic view of jazz music and so expect to know a good deal of the music played, which is refereed to as the ‘Great American Songbook’. Indeed it is great; but it has no relevance to younger music fans and can be off putting. As a way of trying to keep some jazz tradition in my music, we decided to include a few pieces from TV shows. ‘The Rains of Castermere’, from ‘Game of Thrones’, and ‘Sycamore Trees’, from ‘Twin Peaks’. At our final concert in Cardiff, this idea was met with a fantastic response as the pieces were recognised and enjoyed.

So I want to just put in a few thanks to the promoters at the clubs we played and to the rest of the band who have come together to create something special. Now I am setting gears in motion to record and campaign to get the music out there. Watch this space

Duski Wales Tour 2014

Finally getting round to putting up these dates for my own band playing my music.


Wednesday 8th – Queens Head, Monmouth

Friday 10th – Peppers Jazz, Fishguard*

Tuesday 14th – Jazz in the Bar, Brecon

Wednesday 15th – Swansea Jazzland, Swansea

Thursday 16th – Cafe Jazz, Cardiff

*Note this date will be performed as a Quartet


Greg Sterland – Tenor Sax
Tom Ollendorf – Guitars
Paul Jones – Synths and tape loops
Aidan Thorne – Electric bass and effects
Mark O Connor – Drums