Here is a link to some footage from the collaborative tour I did last November.


I am really looking forward to doing more with this project – we may be doing some recording this summer if the stars align!

Tomos Williams    Suhail Khan    Aditiya Balani   Dave Jones   Vishal Nagar   Mark O Connor


Burum Tour with Jean-Michel Veillon

I have just returned from a lovely tour and thought I would write a few words about it.

Although having lived in Wales for over 4 years, I had never ventured upwards past Brecon. What was in store was a real treat. Accompanied by old and new friends I found myself completely overcome with the beauty of the landscapes, language and music of the country. I had always enjoyed the Folk music of Wales but never had I looked with any depth. After many hours of performing and listening to melodies sometimes accompanied by the dances and songs I have found there is so much more to it all than I originally thought.

The tour itself was a success and we managed to pull a decent audience to all venues.

Jean-Michel was an amazing man to meet and to teach us about the folk music of Brittany which is also very beautiful. I hope there will be more work with him in the future.

Duski @ Dempseys

Quick post to mention my trio Duski is playing at Dempseys Jazz Club this wednesday (10/10/12)

We have been rehearsing  provisional sets of tunes for the upcoming tour in February and so will be test running them= Im very happy with the way its sounding and it would be great if you fancied checking it out.

Once again, Duski features

Greg Sterland- Tenor Sax

Mark O Connor – Drums

Myself – Double Bass

Check out my sounds page to hear an example track!